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Augustinian church of St. Peter, Petersberg

Conrad the Great (died 1156) of the House of Wettin built the collegiate church in 1127. The three-nave cruciform basilica was used by the House of Wettin as a sepulchral church.

It is built on a porphyry cliff, and was constructed of the same material. In the 16th century there was a fire at the church, which subsequently became derelict. It was rebuilt in 1853-1857.

Guests are welcome to attend the Liturgy of the Hours and services:

Tue-Sat, 8 am: morning prayers; 12 pm: midday prayers; 6 pm: evening prayers with Holy sacrament

Mon and Thu, 9 pm: compline (liturgical night prayers)

Sun, 10.30 am: service with Holy sacrament; 6 pm: evening prayers

Last Sun in month, 8 pm: Taizé prayers

A concert is held at 4 pm on the first Sunday in the month from May to October, and every Sunday during Advent at 2 pm.

Guided tours:
By written appointment, if possible stating time of day, duration, number of visitors, tour of church only or incl. exchange/report on the brotherhood



Augustinerstiftskirche St. Petrus

Bergweg 11
06193 Petersberg


Stiftskirche täglich ab 08:00 Uhr bis zum Einbruch der Dunkelheit geöffnet

täglich ab 08:00 Uhr bis 18:30 Uhr

sonntags ab 10:00 Uhr geöffnet