Experience the Romanesque period hands on

Ramblers beware! If you want to combine culture, nature and sporting activities, we recommend our Romanesque hiking tours, which carry you off to the legendary Harz region, around Magdeburg, to the old cultural landscape of the Altmark region, or to the wine-growing region of Saale-Unstrut.

The trails follow well-trodden forest and field paths, and have different lengths and levels of difficulty. The routes not only introduce you to the Romanesque highlights on any tourist’s checklist, such as the castles along the river Saale near Bad Kösen, Falkenstein Castle in the Harz or the Harz Monastery Trail with the monasteries of Ilsenburg and Drübeck; they also invite you to discover some real Romanesque gems.

All tour descriptions can be downloaded and include directions, detailed information on the length, duration and difficulty level of the trails, arrival and departure information by bus and train, and tips for overnight accommodation and refreshments. The trail descriptions and relevant GPS coordinates for each trail are also available to download, from the tour portal "Naturfreude – Durchatmen in Sachsen-Anhalt" (www.naturfreude-erleben.de).



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